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Note! Application for 2022 China State-Funded Postgraduate Overseas Study Programs by the Second Group of Applicants during Campus Closure


Dear students,

According to Tongji University's work schedule, the second group of applicants for 2022 China state-funded postgraduate overseas study programs must submit materials for preliminary review to their collegesbefore April 20.Considering the current COVID-19 prevention and control requirements of Shanghai and the situation where the campus is under closed management, the application procedure is partially adjusted:

1. Applicants should providescanned or electronic copies of application materials. The materials should meet the application requirements, and the content of the electronic documents should be clear and complete. Applicants should be responsible for the authenticity of the materials and signed opinions;

2.Colleges will ask jointly-traineddoctoral students to participate in the defense online.At least two experts of relevant disciplines and the person in charge of student affairs of the colleges will issue the Review Form of On-campus Expert for Jointly-trained Doctoral Students for each applicant;

3. Students can ask colleges for help when faced with difficulties in obtaining materials during campus closure.

Please check the attached notice and prepare the materials according to the relevant requirements. For matters not covered, please contact the Student Affairs Office (Tel.: 6598 2785).