Academician Wang Yuzhong: Recycling and Low-carbon Development of Polymer Materials


Topic: Recycling and Low-carbon Development of Polymer Materials

Lecturer: Wang Yuzhong (Academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Sichuan University)

Time: 18:30-20:30, December 14, 2022 (Wednesday)

Tencent Meeting: 504138552 (password: 123456)

Inviter: Professor Zhang Chi

About the Lecturer:


Wang Yuzhong,an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor at Sichuan University, holder of the title of National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker, and Leader of the Innovative Research Team of "Environmentally-friendly Polymer Materials" of the Ministry of Education. He has mainly engaged in the research of environmentally-friendly polymer materials, and contributed to the systematic basic and applied research outcomes in this field, with more than 550 SCI papers published, and more than 20,000 times of SCI other-citations in the past 10 years; more than 160 authorized invention patents granted, some of which have been applied with remarkable economic benefits; 13 national, provincial and ministerial achievement awards received.

Lecture Profile

The existing recycling techniques of organic polymer materials suffer advantages, including high energy consumption, low utilization rate and added value of recycled products, serious environmental pollution, resource waste and carbon emission as a result of improper waste disposal. Therefore, the preparation of polymer materials with renewable biomass resources becomes a research focus in the field of polymers. The current design of degradable polymer materials should give consideration to two aspects of environment and resources. This lecture will introduce the new strategies proposed and developed by the team for the chemical recycling and upcycling of waste polymer materials, focusing on the research progress of chemical upcycling of typical thermoplastic polymer materials, thermosetting polymer materials and hybrid polymer material systems with huge consumption in a wide range to improve the quality, performance and value of recycled products, and will also present future development prospects.